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The Best Way to Find a Property Manager in Ogden Utah

Published / by Jason

The real estate market has improved in many parts of the country and the demand for rental properties. Ogden Utah is one of the key places where you can invest in rental properties and make good money. However, you need to hire a reliable property manager to take care of your investment if you want to maximize your rental income. If you own some rentals in this area and you are looking for a reliable property manager in Ogden Utah to hire, here are some guidelines on how to find the best.

  1. Start by searching online

The first step when looking for property management in Ogden Utah is to start by searching online. You can Google search for property managers who have listed their services online and check their services and other important details from their websites. Once you have identified certain property managers that interest you, you can check their online reviews and rating in order to narrow down your search.

  1. Use referrals from other property owners and tenants

Another very effective way to find good property managers in the area is by using referrals from other property owners and tenants. You can consult other investors who own rental property near yours and tenants so that they can recommend some of the best property managers for you. That way, you are sure that the manager you want to hire has a history of offering outstanding services.

  1. Ask your realtor to help you

The realtor who helped you to buy your rental property in Ogden Utah must have worked in the area for some time and can give you useful information on how to get the right property manager. More so, the majority of the realtors in the area work closely with property managers and your realtor can easily pick a good person to manage your properties. The realtor may not be able to pick a specific property manager for you, but he/she can recommend a few to narrow your search.

  1. Conduct thorough interviews

Once you have identified a few property managers in Ogden, the next step in to interview them so that you can pick the most suitable. You can start by interviewing them through the phone and then pick a few for a face-to-face interview. Let the managers try to convince you why you should hire them. Here you can ask all sorts of questions about their qualifications, experience, whether they are registered and licensed, whether they have adequate resources, permanent office and address among others. You can also ask your attorney to help you with the interviews if you are not conversant with property management in the area.

  1. Get some evidence about their actual performance

This is the last step when hiring a good property manager in Ogden Utah. Here you get the opportunity to confirm whether what different managers told you during the interview is the truth or they lied to you. You can ask several managers to give you addressed of the properties they are managing so that you can confirm what they told you during the interviews and the actual situation on the ground. That way, you are able to pick the best manager to take care of your investment.




How to Choose the Best Atlanta Property Management Company

Published / by Jason

Real estate market in the country is rising after the decline that followed the 2008 crisis and investors are now rushing to acquire more properties to take advantage of the booming market. However, one thing that every real estate investor out there needs to know is that the number of returns that you get from your real estate investment is highly determined by how your properties are managed. Let us look at the Atlanta real estate market and see how an investor can choose the most suitable Atlanta property management firm to take care of his/her properties.

atlanta property

  1. Assess whether the company is also a good realtor company

It is worth noting that not all Atlanta property management companies are good realtor companies. It is, therefore, important to assess the company that you want to hire and make sure it meets your demands and expectations. You need to interview the company you want to hire with the help of your attorney and make sure all your questions are answered before signing any contract to empower them to manage your properties. This will enable you to make sure your properties are in safe hands and avoid dubious property management firms in the area.

  1. Consult extensively with the references

It is very important to make sure you have consulted the available references who have worked with the company that you want to hire before reaching their manager. Past clients who have worked with the property management firm that you want to hire can give useful information that will help you to determine whether the company is a reliable one or not. The information you get from references is sometimes more accurate than what the representative of the company will tell you. This also helps you to prepare for the interview with the company you want to hire because you are informed about the areas that you may need some clarification.

property manager adequate resources

  1. Make sure the property management company is legally registered

It is worth noting that the rapid growth of the real estate market in Atlanta has also led to the increase of mushrooming real estate management companies that do not meet the required requirements to be allowed to operate as property managers in the area. It is very important to make sure that the company that you want to hire is legally registered and licensed by the local and state authorities to do business. If possible, it is even better if you are able to confirm whether the employees of the company are qualified professionals with some experience in real estate matters.

  1. Consider the management fees

It is very important to make sure you are comfortable with the fees charged by the property management company that you want to hire. The fees should be reasonable and affordable based on what is charged by other property management firms in the area. Property management fees in the area range between 8- 12 percent of the collected monthly rent and it is advisable to go for the one with the lowest fees as long as their services meet your expectations.

  1. Confirm the company’s permanent offices and address

The number of property management companies in the area is increasing rapidly and some of them are not serious at all. We have some real estate management companies that do not have a permanent office and address. You should not be surprised as a property owner if you call a property manager and they tell to meet in their homes or in another place that is not their office. It is extremely important to confirm the address and office of the company you want to hire before signing any papers. Avoid any property management company without a permanent office and office no matter how pleasing their offer is.

  1. Make sure the company has adequate resources

Some of the upcoming real estate management companies in the area do not have adequate resources to enable them to render quality services to their clients. Remember that once you have hired a property management to take care of your investment, the company also assumes the responsibility of doing repairs and renovations on your property as long that is included in the agreement. It is therefore very important to make sure the company you are hiring to take care of your properties has adequate resources to perform its duties according to your expectations. Make sure the company has enough equipment and workforce do timely repairs and renovations on your property when necessary.

Tips on Finding a Seattle Property Manager

Published / by Jason

Seattle is among the few cities in the country where real estate has fully recovered from the 2008 crisis that affected the country. Here, properties appreciate year after year and investors have a reason to smile all the way to the bank. Investing in rental properties in the area is a booming business because the demand is very high and rates keep on shooting up. However, you need to invest in a reliable Seattle property manager if you want to maximize your gains and grow the value of your investment. Remember that the real estate market in the region has attracted many stakeholders and not all real estate managers are competent. The following are some of the basic tips that you should consider when choosing a Seattle property manager if you want to rest assured your real estate investment is in safe hands.

  1. Make sure your property manager is certified

Real estate investment in Seattle is highly profitable and it has attracted both qualified and unqualified property managers. It is, therefore, important to make sure your property manager is certified to manage properties in the area. He /she should be licensed by the state to operate in the area as a property manager after undertaking and passing the required property management courses.

seattle property manager

  1. Consider hiring a property management firm instead of an individual

I am not saying that individual property managers in the area are bad. However, it is wise to entrust your property in the hands of a property management firm instead of an individual. Property management firms have more resources that enable them to deliver better services than individual managers do. It is also safe to entrust such a mega investment to a registered company than to an individual property manager.

  1. The property manager should also be a good marketer

Although rental rates in Seattle are going up here after a year, it is worth noting that the market is highly competitive. It is, therefore, important to make sure you have advertised your property extensively to reach out for possible renters. However, if you have decided to hire a property manager to take care of your properties, it is important to make sure he or she has good marketing skills. This will lower vacancy rates in your properties and you will be able to maximize your properties.

  1. Consider a local property manager

If you want to increase your chances of finding a good property manager is Seattle, it is better to go for local property managers. I am not saying that foreign property managers in the area are bad, but local managers are likely to give you better services. A local property manager has a better understanding of the real estate market in the area and is in a better position to meet your demands without compromising the expectations of your tenants. A local property manager understands better the rules and regulations governing renting of properties in the area and is unlikely to put you into trouble with the law enforcers.

  1. Consider property managers with a permanent office and address

Do not be surprised to hear that some of the property managers in the area have no permanent offices and addresses. Some of them operate from their home office or in a shared office owned by someone else not dealing with real estate matters. You need to keep off such property managers if you are a serious investor. A good property manager should have a permanent office that can be accessed at any time without restrictions by your tenants and even yourself. He/she should have a permanent address where tenants can send checks when paying rent and other tenancy related documents.


  1. Your property manager should be highly reputable

A good reputation is very important in as far as property management is concerned. You need to make sure the manager you are hiring to look after your rental properties is highly reputable. You can ask for reviews from other property owners in the area in order to confirm whether the property manager you are about to hire is a performer or not. It is also worth noting that tenants are very cautious about the person taking care properties they want to occupy and are more attracted to properties under the care of managers with a good reputation. It is common to hear possible tenants say, “this apartment is great, but the manager in charge is the problem.”

If you’re looking for a particular property manager and would like a recommendation I have personally used T-Square Properties to manage my property. They’re a property management snohomish county and they’ve been very responsive to my property and they have a great team to work with.

Tips on Renovating Your Bathroom

Published / by Jason

Well, it is another time to renovate your house and you need to change the appearance of your old- looking bathroom too. On the other hand, maybe you are selling your home to move to another area and you want to make sure the bathroom is appealing to possible buyers and renters. Either way, it is important to know that renovating a bathroom can be very expensive and you need to be well prepared depending on the type of renovations that you want to do. The following are some of the basic areas to consider as you prepare for the adventure of renovating your bathroom.

  1. Improve the walls of your bathroom

If you have lived in your home for several years or it is a historic home, then chances are very high that walls are covered with crayons, dents and even chipping paint. It is, therefore, important to consider improving the dry wall of your bathroom before putting new shower tiles. This not only makes your bathroom comfortable and relaxing, but it also adds value to your home and makes it attractive to the eyes of possible home buyers and renters.

  1. Make sure the toilet is in good condition

The toilet is a very import item in every home and one of the key items that you cannot afford to ignore when renovating your bathroom. You can consider moving your toilet to the right corner in the bathroom if you do not want to move the window or other items. Make sure the piping is in good condition and there are no leaks, blockages, and strange smells. You can also improve your toilet if yours is not an efficient dual flush or if it looks boring.

  1. Improve the shower

A nice shower is something that you cannot afford to ignore looking at when you enter in any bathroom. You can, therefore, consider installing a new shower if the existing one is not functioning well or if it is old- fashioned. If you want to renovate your home so that you can sell it or rent out, then you should add a bathtub in your bathroom to improve its value. Many homebuyers and renters with children prefer bathrooms that have a bathtub because it is easier to bathe children than in a walk-in shower. You can give your bathroom a luxurious look by adding a walk-in glass-enclosed shower with lovely tiles.

renovating a bathroom

  1. Consider adding an exhaust fan in your bathroom

Adding an exhaust fan in your bathroom is a nice idea because it helps you to get rid of water lines on the walls, ceiling, and condensation. However, you need to choose the most efficient exhaust fan depending on the size of your bathroom. You can buy a timer for your exhaust fan so that you can turn the fan on when having a shower and leave it on for several minutes after leaving the bathroom to get rid of the humidity that could damage your bathroom walls and ceiling.

  1. Add some decorations in your bathroom.

Many homeowners believe that there is no need to decorate the bathroom because users only spend a few minutes there. However, that is not the case because the bathroom should be as appealing as other rooms in the house. You need to give a creative final look and finish to your bathroom that represents your real personality. it is, therefore, important to research extensively when decorating your bathroom and decide whether you want a calming beach theme, a modern theme, or a sleek and clean-looking theme. Using the right decor for your bathroom can add value to your home and fetch you more money if you plan to sell or rent it out.

  1. Improve the flooring of the bathroom

It is important to make sure the flooring of your home is both appealing and safe to users. It is also important to make sure tiles that you use on the floor of your bathroom are not very slippery and they match with those used on the walls. The flooring materials should also be water- resistant, durable and stylish such as concrete, Vinyl, and tiles among others.

  1. Finalize by painting your bathroom

The final thing to consider when renovating your bathing is repainting so that it can be appealing to users. However, it is important to use the right paint type that is water resistant and not likely to show any signs of streaky lines on the walls and the ceiling of your bathroom when it gets steamy. The paint that you use in your bathroom should be easy to clean and not easily rubbed out.